High Purity Graphite

High purity graphite - all about the geology

There is a very high demand for high purity graphite due to its many industrial uses. It is therefore mined in many different countries, but the world's most important exporter by far is currently China, which exports more graphite than the world's other major graphite-mining countries put together. Natural graphite is found in both igneous and metamorphic rocks and also in meteors. It is often found in proximity to quartz and other silicates, including the semi-precious gemstone tourmaline. There are three different kinds of natural graphite. These are: crystalline flake graphite (often just known as flake graphite); amorphous graphite and lump graphite. There is also a man-made form of graphite which is generally known as highly-ordered pyrolytic graphite. It is also sometimes known as highly-orientated pyrolytic graphite.

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