1908 – Officine del Gottardo is founded in Switzerland

1917 – First SyntheticGraphite production

1924 – Acquisition of Officine del Gottardo by LONZA Ltd.

1989 – Stratmin Graphite Inc. starts operations in Canada partially owned by French IMETAL Group

1994 – LONZA G+T is acquired by IMETAL and becomes TIMCAL Ltd.

1996 – Acquisition of Stratmin Graphite by IMETAL

1999 – IMETAL changes name to IMERYS; TIMCAL and Stratmin are combined into TIMCAL Group

2002 – Stratmin becomes TIMCAL Canada; new Terrebonne plant opens in Canada

2003 – TIMCAL acquires the Carbon Black activities in Willebroek (Belgium)

2007 – TIMCAL completes the acquisition of 85% of the shares of the natural processor Baotou Jing Yuan Graphite Co. Ltd. inInner Mongolia (China)

2008 – TIMCAL proudly celebrates 100 years of production in its Swiss plant and begins another century of innovation and excellence

2014 – TIMCAL changes name and becomes Imerys Graphite & Carbon

2015 – Imerys Graphite & Carbon opens a Research & Development Center in Japan

2015 – Sale of the «Lubricants for Hot Metal Forming» business

2017 – Acquisition of Nippon Power Graphite (NPG) in Japan, for the production of anode materials from graphite

2017 – 100 Years of Graphitization Excellence in Bodio, Switzerland