Imerys Graphite & Carbon serves a wide range of customers, from manufacturers of various types of battery cells to the producers of refractories and crucibles.

We are experts in solutions for carbon-based applications and leaders in the manufacture of natural and synthetic graphites and conductive carbon blacks.

If you don’t see your particular application listed below, do contact us. Our R&D team is here to help you find the right carbon solution for your particular needs.

Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion Batteries

Imerys Graphite & Carbon is the global leader in conductive additives for lithium-ion batteries.

Our C-NERGYTM line of extremely high purity graphites and conductive carbon black powders are used as conductive additives in the positive and negative electrodes of lithium-ion batteries.

The benefits of our products include:

  • Increased energy and power density
  • cost reduction and operational efficiency
  • improved battery safety

Our C-NERGYTM Actilion GHDR grades for the active mass of the negative electrode are made with our patented  chemical vapor deposition coating – an environmentally friendly alternative to pitch coating.

In addition, we have just introduced a new line of additives for the active mass. Adding a small percent of our QX Quick Charge line to your active mass will significantly improve your battery’s charge and cycling rate, especially at low temperatures.

Finally, our carbon-based dispersions are an ideal coating for the aluminum current collector.

Learn more about our solutions for lithium-ion batteries by contacting one of our experts, or signing-in to our download center.

Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline Batteries

Imerys Graphite & Carbon is the graphite supplier of choice for alkaline battery manufacturers.

Our TIMREX line is a complete offer of natural, synthetic and expanded graphite powders. Used in the cathode mass, our highly crystalline graphite powders ensure electrical conductivity, while increasing mechanical stability and processability of the cathode ring.

In addition, our TIMREX aqueous graphite dispersions for can coatings further increase electrical conductivity while improving resistance to corrosion.

Benefits of our solutions for improved electrical conductivity include:

  • high performance to price ratio
  • cost and operational efficiency due to excellent processiblity and self-lubrication of graphite which minimizes tool wear
  • improved safety
  • environmentally friendly compared to alternative solutions

Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells

Imerys Graphite & Carbon has a complete portfolio of carbon materials essential for the manufacture of fuel cells.

Our ENSACOand C-NERGY conductive carbon blacks provide excellent catalyst support. The high surface area and high purity ensures low corrosion, ideal gas distribution and water management.

TIMREX graphite powders and aqueous dispersions control hydrophobicity and porosity which allows the manufacture to fine tune the gas and water transport in the gas diffusion and microporous layers of fuel cells. In addition, our TIMREX graphites can be used as additives to provide electrical and thermal conductivity to plastic/resin molded bipolar plates without compromising mechanical stability.

Our team of experts are available to help you find the best solution for your fuel cell technology. Contact us to find out more.

Additional Battery Technologies

Additional Battery Technologies

Our expertise in the field of graphite and carbon solutions for battery technology is unmatched. Our team of experts works closely with our customers to identify the optimal solutions for their particular technology. In addition to solutions for lithium-ion and alkaline batteries, we have graphite and conductive carbon blacks suitable for:

  • lead Acid Batteries
  • nickel Cadmium Batteries
  • primary Lithium Batteries
  • zinc Carbon Batteries
  • supercapacitors

Contact one of our experts, or sign-in to our download center to find out more about our made-to-measure solutions for advanced battery technologies.



Imerys Graphite & Carbon is the go-to name among polymer compounders serving the conductive plastics, rubber, coating and paints or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) industries.

We tailor solutions to enable customers to achieve the properties they are looking for, including:

    • electrical conductivity
    • thermal conductivity
    • lubrication
    • durability
    • surface consistency

We work closely with our customers to find the optimal solution with respect to safety, performance-to-price ratio, and operational efficiency.

Our ENSACO brand of carbon blacks are the ideal additives to achieve electrical conductivity in polymer compounds used in the production of:

    • electronic packaging
    • power cables
    • antistatic films
    • conductive flooring
    • liners for automotive fuel hoses
    • anti-vibration systems
    • industrial parts for explosive environments
    • electromagnetic shielding

If you are looking for additives to make your polymer compound thermally conductive, both our TIMREX and TIMREX C-THERM graphite powders and cokes are optimal solutions for polymer compounds used in the production of:

    • heat exchangers
    • heat sinks for LED or electronic parts
    • seals and gaskets
    • friction parts
    • polymer parts used in high operating temperatures
    • gas barrier membranes
    • self-lubricating seals
    • special pigments

We also offer water-based graphite dispersions which are ideal for paints and coatings.

Contact one of our experts, or sign-in to our download center to find out more about our solutions for polymer compounds.

Brakes and Clutches

Friction Materials for Brakes and Clutches

Imerys Graphite & Carbon are experts in developing safe, high performance, cost-effective tailor made carbon solutions for brakes and clutches.

Our TIMREX and TIMREX C-THERMTM lines include graphite powders and cokes which are ideal for use in both sintered friction materials and resin and paper bonded sintered materials.

Advantages of our products include:

Sintered Friction Applications

  • consistent compressibility
  • excellent sintering
  • uncompromised mechanical properties
  • low swelling
  • highly resistant to wear
  • high and stable friction coefficient

Resin and Paper Bonded Friction Applications

  • stable friction coefficient
  • low fading
  • highly resistant to wear
  • noise reduction / vibration damping / low disc drag
  • environmentally friendly solution for copper free brake pads
  • easy electrostatic painting

Contact one of our experts, or sign-in to our download center to find out more about our solutions for friction materials used in brakes and clutches.

Carbon Brushes

Carbon Brushes Imerys

Imerys Graphite & Carbon offers a wide range of carbon-based solutions to satisfy carbon brush manufacturers needs.

Our TIMREX line of superior graphite solutions can meet any requirements with respect to electrical and thermal conductivity, lubricity, hardness, mechanical strength, and resistance to wear and corrosion.

Our team of experts work carefully to find the optimal grade for our customers.

Contact us to find out more about our solutions for carbon brushes.

Powder Metallurgy and Hard Metals

Powder Metallurgy and Hard Metals

Graphite powders play a key role in the field of powder metallurgy and hard metal manufacturing.

Our TIMREX line of natural and synthetic graphite powders ensure optimal compaction and sintering of iron-based structural components with high dimensional stability and high mechanical performance.

The addition of a small quantity of ENSACO carbon black can further improve flowability and apparent density of a powder mix, while reducing weight scatter of green parts and improving dimensional stability after sintering.

TIMREX high purity synthetic graphite powders are widely used for the production of hard metals like tungsten carbide. We also offer high purity ENSACO carbon black which is suitable for the synthesis of nano-sized tungsten powders starting from tungsten oxide.

Contact us, or sign-in to our download center to find out more about our solutions for powder metallurgy and hard metal manufacturing.

Refractories and Metallurgy

Refractories and Metallurgy

Imerys Graphite & Carbon’s TIMREX  line of synthetic and natural graphite is an essential additive for certain types of specialized refractories, crucibles and in the casting of non-ferrous metals and alloys such as copper, brass or silver.

Contact us to talk to an expert about your carbon needs.  We are here to find your solution.

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