Graphite Foils

Natural graphite is the main component of graphite foils. The graphite is intercalated with appropriate chemical agents then exfoliated by a rapid rise in temperature. The resulting “worms” can be pressed or rolled into sheets (foils). These sheets are then cut to various shapes.

TIMREX® graphite makes an outstanding starting material for foils manufacturing. The foils made with our graphite make excellent seals: they are resilient and stable over a very wide range of temperature and their performance does not degrade with time. Typical uses are engine head gaskets for cars and seals for chemical industries as well as nuclear power plants. Being an excellent heat conductor, expanded graphite can also be molded into shapes to act as heat sinks for electronic components.
TIMREX® natural graphite grades are easy to intercalate and exfoliate. Constant ash chemistry is a warranty of total consistency of the finished foils. TIMREX® natural graphite thicker flakes allow for easier intercalation and exfoliation.