C-SPERSE 2053 a new water-based colloidal graphite dispersion well-suited

IMERYS Graphite & Carbon launches C-SPERSE 2053, a new water-based colloidal graphite dispersion well-suited for applications requiring electrical conductivity and lubrication.

C-SPERSE 2053 is a highly concentrated formula with excellent stability. It is a superior product offering significant cost savings for the customer.

Imerys Graphite & Carbon produces a variety of water-based dispersions in semi-finished and finished forms, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Semi-finished dispersions are grades without a binder added, which can be fine-tuned by customers according to the requirements of the final application and type of surface to coat. Finished dispersions are a specialty product, which are tailored to each individual customer’s needs.

Colloidal graphite dispersions are typically used in two different types of applications:

– Conductive material often used for making conductive electrical connections or electrodes for energy conversion devices and electromagnetic shielding, such as smart textiles and in printing electronics.

-Additive in friction applications at high temperature and pressure mainly in ferrous forging plants as a lubricant and release agent for dies, moulds, tools, die-casting, extrusion, glass mouldings, wire and tube drawing compounds, as an anti-wear solution for machining and cutting fluids, greases, etc.

IMERYS Graphite & Carbon C-SPERSE 2053 is a semi-finished, binder free colloidal graphite dispersion that has been specifically developed for use in demanding applications requiring electrical conductivity or lubrication.

Examples of potential electro-conductive applications include:

    • Anti-static coatings for the automotive industry
    • Smart fabrics and textiles
    • Conductive inks
    • Sensors
    • Printed circuits

Examples of potential lubrication applications include:

    • Hot metal forming
    • Forging lubricant
    • Extrusion lubricant
    • Molds
    • Tools

Similar products on the market are limited by low solid content, or in other words, a less concentrated formula, and high viscosity which reduces production efficiency. When compared with market alternatives, C-SPERSE 2053 is a highly concentrated and stable formula, characterized by high solid content and optimized viscosity, making it the superior choice when it comes to water-based colloidal dispersions for electro-conductive and lubricating applications. IMERYS Graphite & Carbon prides itself in delivering a high quality product that consistently meets specifications, resulting in cost savings for the customer.

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