Remote commissioning – Innovative technology supports reliability to customers even in unprecedented circumstances.

Research, scientific approach, digitalization, new technologies, new normal. All these themes are part of the more contemporary storytelling. Everybody experienced them in person or at least in their working environment.

The pandemic has taught us that a new context leads to new solutions and in this particular environment Imerys Graphite & Carbon was ready to adapt and leverage all the possible tools and technologies to keep delivering the highest level of quality and service to customers.

But how to remotely commission a new production line for our TIMREX® C-THERM at our plant in Terrebonne, Canada when the engineering and process teams that developed the solution are based in Switzerland and required to work from home? 

Thanks to shared experiences and technologies at an international level, the Imerys Industry 4.0 Committee was able to equip the Canadian team with a smart eyewear device.  This allowed the teams to resolve technical issues with the new line, ensuring the highest quality standards, while delivering the project according to safety, scope, time and cost expectations.

The device was worn by the operator on sight allowing him to work hands free while the remote team had a live, stable, high quality view of what the operator was seeing. This allowed them to see where the problems might be, communicate in real time both orally and through visual indicators on a live interactive “white board”. The teams in Switzerland and Canada were able to collaborate in real time and find a precise and effective solution, demonstrating a high level of  commitment to serve the customers’ demands

While in many cases personal interaction and on-sight presence to solve issues will be more efficient, this system saves travel time and expense and also proves the effectiveness of excellent teams and professionals who can work and interact from afar.  In the current context where travel is limited, this translated into continuity of supply for our customers and ensured the consistent standard of quality of Imerys Graphite & Carbon.

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